After the hugely successful 2019 CMN Conference we are very much looking forward to holding more annual conferences over the coming years.

Due to the Coronavirus outbreak early 2020, the Board of Trustees made the decision to transfer our 2020 annual conference from meeting in person to an online event.  As much as our 2020 online event was beneficial to all those who plugged in, the Board of Trustees are very much looking forward to the day when we can organise face-to-face support events again.

Meeting in person is the most effective and productive way to offer support.  We have witnessed over many years the long-term positive impact face to face support events have had on our members.  Children who have attended our face-to-face events over the years have grown in confidence and self-esteem, developed life-long friendships with one another, as well as developing personal strategies for living with CMN.  Furthermore, parents of children affected by CMN have found our face-to-face events hugely beneficial, as they are able to share mutual support and experiences with one another.

We had hoped to hold our annual conference in 2021 but due to the ongoing situation with Coronavirus restrictions, the Board of Trustees has decided to hold our 2021 conference online for a second year.  This decision is to ensure the safety of all our members, volunteers, staff and trustees.  Further details about the 2021 Online Conference can be found here.