Date: Saturday 7th October 2023
Time: 11am
Location: Dublin Zoo

This is a great opportunity to meet your regional support contact and develop friendships with other CMN families in a relaxed environment. Dublin Zoo is an enjoyable day out, it’s home to a vast range of animals and is on flat terrain which is helpful for everyone! There are animal talks and demonstrations, places to eat and a shop on site too!

Caring Matters Now will fund entry to the zoo for the person with CMN and their immediate family members. Please bring your own lunch and refreshments or you can purchase them on site.

Regional Gathering

Caring Matters Now covers the cost of ticketed venues for:
– child with CMN and their immediate family members as guardians and siblings.
– adult with CMN with their children and partner

As a charity we have a responsibility to manage our finances responsibly, therefore it is important that members who register intend to come along on the day and if they cannot attend due to unforeseen circumstances that they let us know in good time so that we can adjust the booking to avoid losing money.