Adult Community

Caring Matters Now Ireland and Caring Matters Now are committed to supporting all those affected by Congenital Melanocytic Naevi. In recent years, Caring Matters Now has expanded the dedicated support for adults affected by CMN.

Who can I talk to?

We have a dedicated adult support team, consisting of two adults living with CMN; Stacey & Anne. The adult support team are available to listen to our adult members, chat, share experiences and answer any questions you may have regarding living with CMN.


Katy Jackson is our Young Adults Contact, providing support for those aged 17–24 years.

My name is Katy, and I live in Hertfordshire. I was born with a CMN on the back of my right knee, which covers about a third of my leg. You can read my story here. My family have been involved with Caring Matters Now almost since the beginning, and now I’m an adult I’m excited to be able to get involved on my own. I’m so honoured that I’ve been given the opportunity to join the adult support team. I am primarily here to provide support to our older teens and young adults, those aged 17 – 24 years, so if you would like to have a chat, I’m here to listen!

Stacey Dordov

My name is Stacey and I live in Kent. I have a bathing trunk nevus and multiple satellites on my face and body. I found Caring Matters Now when I went to the How Do You C Me Now exhibition in March 2019. Until that day I had never met anybody with the same skin as me. However, since I have made some wonderful new friends, attended gatherings and learned a lot about CMN through this amazing charity. You can read my personal story here.

I am proud to be an Adult Support Contact for Caring Matters Now and if you have any questions or you just want to chat please contact me.

Anne Kenny

My name is Anne and I have CMN covering my back and multiple moles mainly on my legs. You can read my personal story here. I am delighted to be part of the Adult Support Team and to offer a listening ear to others affected by CMN. If you would like to speak to another adult with CMN, I would be really pleased to hear from you.

You can contact Stacey & Anne by emailing

How can I meet others members?

  • By attending the adult gathering and annual conference
  • Through our social media community, including a private Facebook group dedicated to adult members

For details about any of the above opportunities please email

How can I receive CMN medical advice?

  • Speaking to Prof. Kinsler at the CMN annual conference
  • Accessing a local clinician who has CMN knowledge through the Caring Matters Now Adults Clinician database
  • Ordering a copy of the CMN medical booklet

For details about any of the above opportunities please email

How can I receive CMN research updates

  • By attending the adult gatherings and annual conference whereby you will receive research updates
  • Receiving our annual news magazine INSPIRE, which includes a written annual research review
  • Browsing through the Research section on our website, which includes links to medical papers and updates

For details about any of the above opportunities please email

How can I gain support relating to every day CMN concerns

  • Contacting our adult support team who are more than happy to answer your questions via email or phone call
  • Downloading or ordering hard copies of our support literature
  • Attending the adult gathering and annual conference where you will have many opportunities to talk to others and ask questions

For details about any of the above opportunities please email