Baby and Toddler Online Community

This event is open to all of our parent members who care for a child with CMN aged 0-3 years and their siblings of pre-school age.

We are very aware that due to the global pandemic you and your little one have had very limited opportunity to connect with the outside world, including our wonderful charity community, so we are considering how Caring Matters Now can most effectively connect our families with young children. We want to give you the opportunity to ‘catch up’ on building those invaluable friendships with other members at the same ‘age and stage’ as you and your little one.
Furthermore, we want to create an organic community of young children and their families living with CMN whereby you ‘do life together’, and so from a young age friendships are built, and therefore, a natural support network is developed for the years that follow.

To achieve the above and in response to interest expressed in our recent survey, we want to offer the opportunity for families with babies and toddlers to join us for a regular online Baby and Toddlers event.

We are planning to meet monthly between October and March for an hour of conversation, activities and fun! The event will also have a designated time for any support related queries.

The dates and times for the event are as follows…

Date Event
Saturday 7th October 2023 – 10-11am
Saturday 11th November 2023 – 10-11am
Saturday 9th December 2023 – 10-11am Combined Christmas event with Online Infant Group
Saturday 13th January 2024 – 10-11am
Saturday 10th February 2024 – 10-11 am
Saturday 23rd March 2024 – 10-11 am Combined Easter event with Online Infant Group