Caring Matters Now Ireland and Caring Matters Now are committed to supporting all those affected by Congenital Melanocytic Naevi. In recent years, Caring Matters Now has expanded the dedicated support for teenagers affected by CMN.

Teens Support Contact

We have a dedicated teenage support contact, Katie Arends, who is happy to chat with our teenage members, share experiences and answer any questions you may have regarding living with CMN.  Katie knows first-hand the difficulties that are attached to having CMN, especially throughout the teenage years.  Katie has recently graduated from university, after completing a teaching degree in secondary education and is a great example of someone who has successfully reached her personal goals and aspirations.

If you are aged between 13 years to 19 years, you can contact Katie by email: [email protected]

Young Ambassadors Programme

Our Young Ambassadors Programme aims to provide young people affected by CMN (13 to 19 years) a platform to develop the following key skills: leadership, innovation, communication, teamwork, building relationships, public speaking and media engagement. Find out more here

Young Ambassadors Programme

YP Face IT – Online Support

Caring Matters Now is working in partnership with the Centre for Appearance Research who have developed an age-appropriate and easily accessible seven-week web-based support programme called young People’s Face IT (YP Face IT), for young people aged between 12 and 17 years old.

YP Face It provides support and advice for any young person who has worries or is unhappy because they have a visible difference.  YP Face IT will help you learn new skill and will give you useful tips so you feel more confident about the way you look.  You’ll learn how to deal with situations that you find upsetting or uncomfortable.  YP Face IT will help you feel more comfortable meeting new people and being with friends, going to the shops or clubs, playing sport, going to school or college.